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Welcome Healthcare Recruiters for: Nurses, Dentals, Therapist, Pharmacist, Entrepreneurs, Recruiters, Agents and Students.

Healthcare services are one of today’s dynamic careers and the least affected with the economic downturn.  The medical field offers wide range of opportunities; whether as a career or as business owner.  ProHealthcareRecruiters is an internet resource guide and will assist you in exploring, advancing or starting your business in the healthcare field so that you can make an informed career or business decision.
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Our website goal is provide you the tools and information necessary to enter in to the healthcare field whether in business or as a career.  Healthcare career will be in demand for a long time because of the baby boomer surge. 

Positions and jobs descriptions for Healthcare recruiters

A healthcare recruiter is someone who engages in the recruitment process of healthcare professionals, which is the solicitation to fill jobs or positions within any healthcare provider group, such as a corporation, hospitals, longterm care, insurance industries. Recruiters are divided into two entities; those working internally for one organization, and those working for multiple clients in a third-party broker relationship, sometimes called headhunters or agency recruiters.


How to write an effective resume for registered nurses.

Nov 11, 2010 Staff Writer

Almost every healthcare employees knows that having an effective resume, good, and strong resume can land you a job or walking out that door without a job offer. Nurses resumes must be tailored professionally and reflects your experiences, skills and abilities. Having an effective resue is vital when your searching for that perfect nursing job.......... LEARN MORE

Registered nurses loses license after misconduct | MN Board of Nursing.

Nov. 13, 2010

Registered nurses loses licensure to practice in the state of MN after misconducts. Misconducts were porn and giving alcohol being treated for chemical dependency.These nurses and other registered had their license revoke by the state of MN Board of Nursing. ...... MORE INFO

Common financial and business terminology for Healthcare recruiters

Nov 19, 2010 Staff Writer

Roadmaps in becoming a healthcare recruiters could be the roadmaps for you to be financial independent. The healthcare recruiters business terminology is an essential too for recruiters in the medical field.

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